Nautical Star Marine Ltd.

Seamax Raw Water Pumps, Cummins Sherwood Pump Replacement, Seamax Canada, Plus Marine Heaters

Seamax Raw Water Pumps 

Authorized dealers for

Sea“Plug & Play” replacement for the SHERWOOD Pumps


  • Espar, Webasto and Hurricane diesel heating systems -  installations, maintenance and repairs.

  • Spectra watermakers - installations, maintenance and repairs.

  • All diesel engine maintenance and repairs, including generators.

  • All inboard gas engine maintenance and repairs, including generators.

  • Full electrical system(s) testing, installations,  troubleshooting, and repairs.

  • Detailed pre-purchase and pre-sale inspections of all systems.

  • Metal fabrication and welding.

  • Custom interior/exterior design and construction.

  • Custom gauge panel construction and installation.

  • Custom wiring harness construction, modification and repair