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Diesel Heaters

Diesel Air Heater Planar/Autoterm 9D


Diesel Air Heater Planar/Autoterm 9D 

8KW / 27,3000Btu

comes with the analog or digital programmable controller,

basic installation kit and  Operational Manual .

The heater is equipped with a self-adjusting system for operation at  high altitudes  up to 1600 m / 5200 ft.

There are two modifications:  12 V and  24 V .
Refer to Operation Manual for installation and operation procedures.
*For heating up to 75 ft. boats, vehicle cargo space, buses & motor homes.



Product Contains

Planar/Autoterm 9D-12 / -24 – Diesel Air Heater 1

Inline Metering Fuel Pump 1

Fuel Line, M 5.5

Fuel Pick-UP Stand Pipe 1

Stainless Steel Flexible Exhaust,FT. 2

Exhaust Clamp 1

Remote Wired Controller: digital or dial 1

Fuel Pump El. Cable, 6 M. 1

Power Cable with Fuses 1

Set of Fasteners 1


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