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Seamax Raw Water Pumps 

Diesel Heaters

Hurricane SCH25 heater 25,000 BTU (48100)


Hurricane SCH25 heater 25,000 BTU (48100)


Features of the Hurricane SCH-25 25,000 BTU

  • Stainless steel case, burner, and water jacket
  • 6-zone controls (4 space heating, 1 domestic water, 1 engine zone)
  • Advanced electronics for safe and reliable operation
  • Hour meter for scheduled maintenance
  • Simple design, easily maintained
  • Efficient, quiet and economical to operate
  •  Comes with LED Remote
  •  Optional LCD remote available
  •  Dimensions 9"x 13"x 19"
  •  In package weight approx.42 lbs

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